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A Team-Oriented Approach

How a couple handles divorce will have a permanent impact on the entire family. Separation and divorce are about division of property, finances, child custody, and ultimately family preservation. This can be most successfully accomplished with a team-oriented approach that incorporates divorce financial analysis.

At Gann Partnership, our approach is to provide divorce financial analysis either individually to one spouse or collectively to both as it relates to potential settlement offers and their implications.

Having a handle on financial ramifications is critical to any settlement agreement that the divorce attorney and/or mediators must achieve. That is why we promote a team-oriented approach, and why you should consider having a financial professional on the team.

“Other than issues relating to children, everything about a divorce is financial. Therefore, it is only logical to have a knowledgeable CDFA on your side who can advocate on your behalf.”

Gregory Gann


  • Member of Maryland Bar
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Certified for Collaborative Law
  • Member of The Financial Therapy Association
  • Member of The Association of Professional Family Mediators
  • Member of The Association of Divorce Financial Analysts

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